About Me


My name is Pearl Quick. I am a retired teacher and amateur artist living in Richmond, Virginia.  I am interested in learning to build web sites. I also enjoy researching our family history. Thus, this website was the answer to enjoying my two favorite pastimes.

The intent of this website, other than my own enjoyment, is to have family members far and near see the genealogy I have gathered and to perhaps contribute to it or correct it if needed. The site is not set up hierarchal as in most genealogy programs, but I have separated names associated with me through parents, husband(s) and children and step-children. I have begun with my father’s (Halstead) and mother’s (Grose ) surnames. I have also researched my married name, Quick and my children’s name Smoot. Other family surnames have been added as requested.

This is a work in progress so will be changing often. I will be adding a page to post comments or viewers can send me an email at ladybug@pearlquick.net. 

I will try to get permission to post names of living family members. If your name shows up and you want me to delete it from view, please send me an email.  

Welcome and I hope you enjoy.