Please review these rules. Students and parents must sign to indicate they understand these expectations and realize consequences will follow broken rules. Thank you for your full support and cooperation.

RESPECT your school, Tuckahoe Middle School
RESPECT your teacher and your peers
RESPECT your art room, art materials and art supplies
RESPECT yourself

1.     When the late bell rings, be in your assigned seat, attentive and ready for instructions. Each day I will take roll and explain your assignment and objectives for the class.

2.     Books and belongings must always be out of the way. Store them under your table.

3.     No talking or making noise while the teacher is speaking to the entire class. You may talk quietly while working. This privilege will be taken away if talking becomes too loud, disruptive or distraction from work.

4.     Always have a #2 pencil sharpened and ready at the beginning of class. Mechanical pencils are NOT appropriate for most artwork.

5.     Stay on task, and do not wander around the room or visit at other tables. Stay seated in your assigned seat unless you are getting supplies or cleaning up.

6.     Label all work on the back, upper right corner in pencil or pen ONLY. No name will result in NO GRADE.

7.     Do not take anything from the teacher's desk or supply cabinets without permission.

8.     Students may use the slide paper cutter when needed during class. However, it is not a toy with which to play.

9.     Place your finished assignment on the grading shelf so it can be graded. Make sure your name and block # are written on the back top right corner in pencil or pen. Do not write it large in the center of the paper.

10.  In-progress art projects should be stored in the proper cabinet at the end of class. Graded work should be taken home, not stored in these cabinets. Graded work found in the storage cabinet will be removed to the trash. Wet 2-D work should be placed on the drying racks. When dry, the teacher will move the work to the grading shelf to be returned to you at the next class.

11.  Be responsible for classroom materials, books, art supplies, etc. that you use during class. Return them to their proper location or give them to the teacher at the end of the class. Wash paintbrushes, palettes, and water containers and return them to their proper location. DO NOT leave paint supplies in the sink.

12.  Follow Tuckahoe Middle School policy by not chewing gum.

13.  The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does. Remain seated until the teacher dismisses you.

14.  Running, pushing, hitting, rough play or throwing of anything in art class will NOT be tolerated.

Take pride in yourself, your work and your school. Your best effort is expected.

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